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Welcome to Tropic Fish Maui LLC

CMU & Associates is pleased to announce the new and larger facility of TROPIC FISH MAUI, LLC on the island of Maui. The former facility in Wailuku originally opened on Monday, May 2, 2011 and the new location recently opened in August 2016 to facilitate the growth on the island.

The facility, sales and operations staff is located in Kahului, Maui. It houses a processing facility, holding room, full cutting room, refrigeration, freezers and office area. Deliveries are made six days a week to Maui supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, institutions and various other businesses. The state-of -the-art processing facility is the first on the island and processes the entire fresh, whole fish rather than relying on fish filets to be sent to Maui.

This expansion enables the company to improve service to its Maui clientele, provide a larger inventory of product at more competitive prices and guarantees delivery in a timely manner. Clients have a consistent supply of frozen items that are sourced throughout the world and improved access to fresh fish that are brought to various ports throughout the islands.

Tropic Fish Maui, LLC operates in full compliance with the United States FDA mandated HACCP (Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point) program which emphasizes a proactive approach to food safety.

"We are pleased to be investing in the local economy by building a state-of-the-art processing facility and increasing our work force. The people of Maui have been very good to us and we are extremely excited to continue our efforts to bring quality seafood and excellent service throughout the island" states Charlie Umamoto, Chief Executive Officer.